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custom socks in bulk|PALACE 2020 Winter Winter Week 4 Sales item for details Take the lead in rewarding Union X Nike Dunk Lowmidnight Navy joint shoes on the feet. The Los Angeles Trend Institute Union La and Nike jointly appeared in two colors a while ago.Foot drawing.The shoes are made of flying theme, which is different from the common leather upper of Nike Dunk Low. It is replaced by mesh fabric, which is matched with a gray -blue coverage layer with a light green.Then the silver Swoosh Logo and the back -to -jewelery are except for reflective elements

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custom socks in bulk|PALACE 2020 Winter Winter Week 4 Sales item for details

Stance joins hands with New Ruizhou Shoes brand Equalizer® to release street basketball cooperation models.Chinese players have developed in -depth exchanges.On July 19th, Stance and the Chinese Youth Culture New Sharp Shoes Brand Equalizer®, which are deeply plowing in the field of street basketball, launched the 'Take A Stance, Low Man Wins' series of limited socks.Wins

custom socks in bulk:Y-3 latest QISAN cozy, AJATU shoes officially debut

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Nike Air Max 1 series shoe is available for details in October. It is reported that Nike Sportswear will bring us a variety of recently colorful Air Max 1 in October this year.The colors of these Air Max 1 are inspired by the popular contrasting design today.With the dazzling dark blue, dark red, dark green with light gray, dark gray, and black, it has a good buffer effect.In terms of materials, this time it is also selected from leather and suede. It is different from large -scale Fuse upper items. I believe that it will be favored by many leather upper supporters.

custom socks in bulk