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stepping machine|Y-3 Spring and Summer 2013 Honja High Shoes debut Air Jordan 5 black and white color scheme SAMPLE appreciation. Recently, a black and white color Air Jordan 5 Sample version was shocked on eBay.The color matching is very beautiful.It is also equipped with the traditional crystal sole of Air Jordan 5, and the whole shoes feel refreshing.It is reported that this Sample is less than 5 pairs in total. Interested friends can log in to eBay to get more details of this shoe.

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stepping machine|Y-3 Spring and Summer 2013 Honja High Shoes debut

The Rainbow Leopard Vans Authentic Leopard, also born in the Vans Authentic series in the 1960s, has gradually become the hottest shoes on the streets of Asia.The skateboarding on the west coast of the United States is combined with the long -lasting leopard patterns, and it must be set off.Three different colors, the most eye -catching is the rainbow leopard print.If you feel that the official matching shoelaces are not gorgeous enough, hurry up and change your favorite color to the streets!

stepping machine:Stray Rats x New Balance 827 is about to be launched

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Take the lead in previewing the four pairs of Parra X Nike SB Dunk Low Lingle Sample shoe, Parra and Nike SB for the Dunk Low for the Tokyo Olympic Games.In addition, the two sides have four other designs to choose from. This time it is exposed on the Internet this time. The first two are beige upper as the main body, and the Parra classic abstract pattern is injected into the heels, the waist and the inside of the inside, and the inside.Creation, and the third double has a strong figure with a formal release style, almost completely upside down, and also equipped with rubber

stepping machine


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