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glove manufacturer|Little Valentine's Day DUNK's latest physical exposure!The value is too attractive! The return of the Black and Red Cheetah Classic set off a recurrence boom in 2013. Last Saturday, Air Jordan 13 Bred finally officially appeared under the expectation.The classic black and red color scheme AJ13 also kicked off the frenzy of the Air Jordan 13 in 2013.TREND also came to the release site of Shanghai as soon as possible. Let's follow our photography lens to review the crazy scenes at the time.Why is this pair of Air Jordan 13 black and red charm?Today we will explore the unknown stories behind these Air Jordan 13.The concept of 're -engraving' is well known and recognized and ni

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glove manufacturer|Little Valentine's Day DUNK's latest physical exposure!The value is too attractive!

IBN Jasper X Diamond Supply Co., joined hands again, Diamond SUPPLY Co., a well -known trend brand in Los Angeles in the United States. Recently, IBN Jasper, a member of the Donda creative team and Kanye West exclusive stylist.The joint name named 'Miami'.This double -cooperative version of 'MOCCASIN' is one of this series.This shoe is made of white suede material with snake pattern. It is matched with gem blue on the tongue and orange setting lining

glove manufacturer:Salvatore Ferragamo, the king of Women's Shoes in Italy

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Adidas T-Mac 1 dual-color official website was released, and the re-engraving of Adidas T-Mac 1 made us recall the Magic No. 1 of the year. In addition to the magic color of the first year, the official website of Adidas once again sold two new color adidas T-Mac 1, a black and red color color matching, which reminds people of McGrady's days in the Rockets, while the other is McGrady's high school color matching.The year and nicknames of '96' and 'The Sleeper' high school.Both colors are currently available at $ 110.

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