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be fit be you clothing|Vans new Origami series shoes officially debut Air Jordan 5 PE pictures, today we will take a look at the PE version of Air Jordan 5. Jordan Brand launched a special PE version of the special PE version of the coat color and jersey back number for many players.These PE versions are very rare, let's enjoy it now.I don't know if everyone can recognize which players are created by these Air Jordan 5 PEs.The player is: Carmelo Anthonychris Pauledie JonesFred Jonesjoe Johnso

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be fit be you clothing|Vans new Origami series shoes officially debut

Steel' gorgeous coat Nike Total Air Foamposite Max-Current Blue, many shoe fans must remember the pair of Nike Total Air Foamposite Max on the 1990s.The cushioning technology has been favored by many NBA inside players.The futuristic shape and beautiful water wave pattern are still talked about by many shoes, so Nike also repeated these classic shoes last year.Recently, Nike has brought us a new color Nike Total Air F with a new color scheme

be fit be you clothing:Nike dunk low latest Gray/Pink color color color coloring debut

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Let basketball tell the story around you, on both sides of the strait, but has the same belief.Although the career is very different, it is the same love.Get together, change the sneakers at any time, use the same basketball to tell different stories.Yu Wenle SHAWN insists on the complex situation of the entertainment industry in different areas of different areas. It is unprepared for outsiders. He once encountered frustration for a time, and also wanted to try to escape and have a basketball coach qualification certificate. Maybe at that timeIt will become the most handsome basketball coach on the court.'Being an artist and a basketball is really different. At that time

be fit be you clothing


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