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[light grey bomber jacket mens]Original title: Liaoning ship Nanhai patrol alarms, frontal military officers, ●-“Not enough★◆” [Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan Global Times••◇, special reporter Xiao Shi Qingmu Chen Yi Liu Yupeng] “Liaoning ship costs more than 40 ships Nanhai actual combat drill, satellite exposure of the destination of aesthetics. □▷”Not long ago○▪, I still worried that the Liaoning ship aircraft carriers islands islands island, I sent a buzzing on the 28th. Among the day, the international media reported that this time●▪★, the South China Sea exercise from Liaoning Ship, or the scope of the military▪☆, it is an unusual, large-scale display of military power★-. Many analytics believe that recent mainland China announced that the large-scale sea-speed combat drill and joint battle cruise in the South China Sea is a warning for the United States to fight ▪○”Taiwan”. One clo■•.

Original title: Syria has been in the United States and British and air strikes authorities to force the drama-○◁★: We support overseas network on April 14th, local time on the 13th, United Kingdom in the United Kingdom▷◁, France launched the Syria. On the afternoon of the Taiwan Foreign Ministry, Taiwan has always respected the defending human rights, “strongly opposes and condemnient why the government hurts the innocent civilians in a large scale of chemical weapons▼•, and supports the international community to adopt the necessary sanctions.” According to Taiwan Dongssen news cloud news, the Taiwan foreign department claims that “” always respects the defending human rights and pursues democratic “, strongly opposing and condemning any governments to damage the innocent civilians in the main scale of chemical weapons, and also support the international community Necessary sanctions☆★●△. ” It is said that △-▼”the future is willing to provide the necessary assistance in humanitarian assistance◆■▽■, so that the local people return to the futu?

Original title: How to better protect consumers☆▷□◁? Director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, said that Xinhuanet Beijing, the year of ▲▷”3.15▲■” on March 12 is coming, and the issue of consumer rights is again concerned, how will the industrial and commercial consumers “support”•◇▷◁? During the two sessions, Zhang Mao, secretary of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce-•●, Xinhuanet, China Government Network•…◇☆, “Voice of Minister▪□▼▷”▽□◁▪, responding to netizens concerned. Zhang Mao said that the Administration of Industry and Commerce will further unobportably the consumption complaint channel. On the basis of the newly established a national 12315 Internet platform last year, the second phase of this years 3○▷-△.15 Internet complaint platform will be online, and the consumer can be successful through electronic map complaints. In addition=◁, Zhang Mao also said that the Administration of Industry and Commerce is actively promoting the ▪☆…◁”Regulations on the Implementation of Consumer Rights Protection La?

Original title: A brigade 74th group army launched two annexious armored vehicles in a sea area in South China Sea March 27●▪★▲, the Armys 74th Group Army launched two annexious armored car at sea driving training in a sea area in South China Sea◇◇▪, fully utilizing complex and variable weather★□, sea conditions, etc. The environment, organizational amphibious armored vehicles conduct sea-based basic driving, through a number of lessons such as restrictions such as roads, floodwater. Source=…•: □○☆”China Army” WeChat public account Editor: Zhang Yili.

Original title: Jilin Songyuan 5.7 earthquake: military division▷•, human wear, has gathered officers and men Xinhua News Agency▲▷◇, May 28 (Reporter Guo Xiang) China Earthquake Network officially determined, starting at 1◁◁:50 on 28th, Songyuan, Jijiang, Jilin A 5.7-magnitude earthquake occurred in the district, with a depth of the source of 13 kilometers, and the earthquake is located 45•◆.27 degrees north latitude, and the east is 124.71 degrees=▼. According to the Chinese militia WeChat public account, after the earthquake★◆, the Songyuan Military Division and the Ningjiang District Human Wan Department have launched an emergency plan☆□, the military division and the human wear department have assembled officers and men. Songyuan Military Division Valley Assistant Duty Valley Index, there is currently no casualty report. Further news is still in continuous follow-up. Source: Chinese militia clicks into the topic: 5 of Ningjiang District=□, Jilin Songyuan Cit▷▲▷.