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[Women Shorts factory]China News Coal, May 27th, ICAC◇▽-■: The Azerbaijan Defense Ministry said on the 27th■■▽▽, and the Armenian soldiers tried to embed mine over the border areas of the two countries and were arrested. There are currently no casualties reports. On October 25, 2020…•, the Naka area◇-△, the Armenian soldiers launched the shells in front☆•. The Azerbaijan Defense Department announced in its official website. At 3 oclock on the 27th, the Armenian Armed Forces reconnaissance destruction team entered the Afgue control area▷△◁=, attempted to embed mine near the road near the Kerbaja area of ​​Afu, in the Advance After the measures○-, six Armenian soldiers were arrested after the armed armed. African defense said this●△, this is Arme.

Original title◁-: This life and death rescue in the South China Sea has gone “News Network”. For a fishermen brother, the southern battle area sent a special plane to Nandha. The fishermen homework sudden brain overflows on the morning of the morning, the 51-year-old fishermen were put into power in a sea in the South China Sea, and there was a rapid dispatcher in the Nansha Guards in Yongshu Reef■•▲. The wind waves cant be close. At a critical juncture, the officers and men release the hoisting boat•=•, transfers the dangerous fishermen through the manpower paddle, and successfully sent a disease-tric fishermen to Yongshiang Hospital in the early morning of the 9th△◆△. The medical examination and emergency treatment. Thousands of miles sea space relay rescue disease-risk fishermen○▪○, due to the risk of patients due to the risk of patients, the southern battle area is immediately launched the emergency plan, and the organization and coordinate the Guangzhou General Hospital for remote consultati.

Zhang Jun, Male, Han nationality, born in October 1956, Shandong Boxing△=☆-, January 1973 participated in the work, Joined the Chinese Communist Party in May 1974, China Renal University of China graduated, graduate degree, Ph.D. He is currently the 19th National Central Committee, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate●=△, the Party Secretary. From 1973 to 1975□•, Heian County, Jilin Province, Zhujiayuan, Zhujiayuan△●◆, Zhujiayuan Municipal Committee, Zhujiayuan Subgrade Levens, Zhixi Group▪●, Jilin Province, Changchun Municipal Committee of Jilin Province, 1978-1982, Legal Professional Studies on the Legal Professional Law of Jilin University 1982-1985 China Master of Criminal Law of Renal University of Rentechnic University of 1985-995◇□•▲, the Supreme Peoples Court Research Office, Criminal Secreta▷△.

Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 28 (Zheng Jianglo) on the 28th, the 4th “Good Countertaine – Public Welfare Project Contest” event launched the press conference in Fuzhou■◁•. It is reported that the Fujian Provincial Charity Federation and the Fujian Provincial Civil Affairs Department are scheduled to hold the 4th “Good Bank – Public Welfare Charity Project Contest” in the second half of 2021▽•▼▷. “Good Countertaste-Public Welfare Charity Project Contest” as a Fujian Public Welfare Propaganda Exhibition Platform, has successfully held three times◆-▼▷, this competition is the theme of ▽◁…”coating charity, building a harmonious society”, guided by the Civil Affairs Department of Fujian Province, Fujian Provincial Charity Association hosted…●•, Fujian Strait Social Organization Research Institute hosted. The contest focuses on special groups★…○, focusing on the mass★◇?bulk sports bras!

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