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shirts china – gym balls![wholesale sports bras][Xinhua His Rating★★◇: It is △◆▪”God Drinking◇□” or God blowing for false advertisements? “Hongmao Medicine” incident touched the social pain of false advertising. “Baozhi” advertisement and how many people have been fooled? For false advertising, you cant do it, you must rectify★●. The tube is to take to no dead angle○…, and the penalty will be punished. There is no hard trick, ▼□■▼”Eating and rest assured” is an empty talk. Incidents, Hongmao wine case defense lawyer: Zhengqi to pay the safety department to respond to Hongmao medicine wine case▲…: I have been responsible for the investigation of Inner Mongolia Public Security to launch a verification doctor○◁-▪, said Hongmao wine is a poison to arrest Inner Mongolia prosecution to respond to Chinese physician. The association is quite vomiting Huangmao doctor•□-: science discussion carefully using Criminal Law Hongmao medicine wine broke the news: Hongmao someo.

Original title: Chen Ruui: It is recommended to establish a national-level Guangdong and Hong Kong, Australia, China Securities Network▼☆, China Securities Network News National Securities Network News National Peoples Congress◁•, Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Ru, 6th, in the open group meeting of Guangdong delegation: establish national level Guangdong☆-▽★, Hong Kong•▪=, Macau Daban District, coordinated mechanism, accelerating the interconnection of Shenzhen, Hong Kong△☆, Guangzhou and other urban airports★△, harbor, high-speed rail, urban rail, subway and other facilities●◁. Chen Ruui said that combined with the governments work report, he also recommended that the country established a new technology application test area in Shenzhen and other innovative cities, carrying out new technologies, new products☆•★, standards, pricing and other pilots, support construction national level detection platform and application Center▪☆◆, accelerate the new technology industrialization process◁☆•…. In addition△▪, he also recommended that the state supports Shenzhen-Hong Kong joint construction of special cooperation area.

China News Agency, on May 28 (Liu Liang) reporter learned from Sinopec from China on the 28th that Guangxis first carbon neutron gas station – China Petrochemical Guangxi Petroleum Baise Liuhua Gas Station was officially put into transport. The photovoltaic power generation of the station can reduce carbon emissions by 81.5 tons◆□, and after the gas station is self-carbon emissions, it is still 1△▲=….5 tons of carbon dioxide, which is one of the first batch of carbon and gas stations in China. Baise Liuhua Gas Station Photovoltaic power generation project…▪■, using photovoltaic building integrated photovoltaic components, overall design, overall construction, with light structure weight, low materials, stable installation☆◆, long service life. After calculating▪◆□…, the plant will reach 91 million, except for suppl.

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