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Original title: The Ministry of Transport is sent to the supervision team to supervise the quality of Guanda Road Cantaha Tunnel in Gansu Province, and the Quele Tunnel Project of Gansu Province●◁☆, the Quele Tunnel Project Quality Problem of Guanda Road Canto Tunnel in Gansu Province reported on the media report. The Ministry of Transportation sent a special supervision team to go to Gansu Province to rectify the quality and work style of the report and on-site supervision of the working style of the report……-. On April 1▽□□, the CCTV reported that the quality of Cantaha tunnel project in Gansu Province, the relevant units and department personnel were untrue■•☆, and the work was pushed★▷▲▼. The Ministry of Transport said that on the one hand, it reflects the problem of engineering construction quality and safety hazard. On the other hand, it also exposes the problem of work style. The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to this, emphasizing the “zero tolerance” attitud▷==!

Original title: China GDP growth target set 6.5% foreign media: unchanged in March 5▼★, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the State Council made a government work report◁▽▽. Xinhua News Agency, Yao Dawei, Overseas Network, on March 5th, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened on the morning of the Great Hall on the morning of the Peoples Gala, and Li Keqiang reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the State Council▼●. In the report•▽•, the GDP growth targets, cross-strait relations and environmental issues□▪△●, major foreign media worldwide also analyzed and interpreted from multiple angles. GDP growth target setting 6.5% are well-appreciated: Consider the current and long-distance demand State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang when he is a government work report, it is clearly expected this years developmen▪•…▲.

Original title▲☆□▷: The mainland collects Taiwan resident personal information through residence permit? The National Term Office responded to Overseas Network September 12th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press conference on September 12 at 10:00 am-◆△, and responded to the recent hotspot. Shenzhen Satellite TV reporter question☆△•: My problem is also the residence permit. The Taiwan authorities claim that the continent has passed the production of residence permits, collecting the personal information of Taiwan residents and fingerprint information. What is the response of the spokesman★=◇▽? An Fengshan said that the Taiwanese residents of the United States residents have a built-in chip=▼△, register fingerprints, mainly for the convenience of documents and prevent counterfeiting. In the era of informationization, such practices are very common, and the ID card of mainland residents has such a request▲▷★. In doing so, on the one hand◇★▲, it can effectively use the existing resident ID car▼▽.

Original title◆◇★: 能: Li Zhongqing◁★, the chairman of the Supervisory Committee▷★☆, the relevant departments of the dying△☆■, the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation of the public, on May 7, 2018◁=…•, the companys seventh board of supervisors, the Chairman of the Supervisor, Li Zhongqing fell to the building, the relevant departments have Intervention investigation. At present▽○●▼, the companys production and operation is all normal. Editor in charge: Huo jacket making website□-.

China Xinwang reported on the “Central News▽…■” report that French Air France said on the 26th that due to the new route of Russia unapproved bypass the white Russian airspace, Air France canceled the flight of Paris Finamoso. The Air France-KLM is part of the spokesperson◇▲▽●, through the spokesperson☆★◆, from the “By Working Russian Working Reason•◁”, the AF1154 flights. The Russian Ministry of Transportation spokesperson did not express his views-●○. Belarus said earlier on the 26th that France refused Minsk Flying Barcelona flights flying over its own short, and it was ◁◇”aerial hijack” behavior. May 23=▽, Ireland Ruian Airlin.hemp blend t shirthow to become a distributor in usa.cdiprinceton hoodie manufacturer usa.com/kids-athletic-wear/blue-and-yellow-varsity-jacket-wholesale-track-suits/ target=_blank>blue and yellow varsity jacket – wholesale track suits wholesale clothes atlanta