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[high quality tee shirts wholesale]Tang Bin Information Titland Title: Deputy Mayors of Nanning, Guangxi Province◆▪◇, Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Tang Bin•■, and the relevant provisions of the Office of the Office◆■…▽, according to the relevant provisions, by the Party Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region•-▲, the following comrades are publicized before•…◇•. Tang Bin, male, born in December 1968, Han nationality•★▪●, blessing in Guangxi, June 1991, joined the Chinese Communist Party▲••▽, in-service graduate degree-■●, masters degree in public management, is the deputy mayor of the Nanning Municipal Peoples Government◆…, Director…•…, Autonomous Region Public Security The party committee member of the Office, the leadership of the leadership department; Yao Jinguang, male, born, Zhuang▲…-, born, Guangxi, Longzhou, January 1986…●-, joined the Communist Party of China, in-service graduate degree, Ph.D▼•◁. Stomatology, is currently the party committee of Guangxi University of Science and Technology Standing Committee▽○◆☆, Vice President, to the President Level Leadership Directo.

According to Xinhua News Agency, “Ocean No.1″ (Reporter Chen Hao) is the …★▪◇”Ocean No. 1” section of the 2018 comprehensive sea trial mission in Western Pacific, and completed the “Hailong 11000•▷” independently developed by China on the 30th. Milometric unmanned submersible first sea trial■▲, diving depth 410 meters-••■. At 16●△■◆:45, •▪◁■”Hailong 11000″ slowly entered water from the maidger; after the depth of 410 meters, the Kodao team fully tested the monitoring system, power system, propulsion system, etc. of the submersible★▼▷. At 18☆△…★:25◁●△, ▲○●▲”Hailong 11000″ returned to the deck. During the sea trial, its underwater function is normal…☆, all parameters are in the normal range★◇■-. ●▷▼”Hailong 11000″ broke through the traditional cable control unmanned submersible mode, and a large number of innovative technologies were adopted•▽=. Among them★▷★, can process buoyancy materials, multi-core bushi…●.

Source: Legal Evening Repair Original Title◇○: The National Peoples Congress representative Zhang Yurong: It is recommended to improve the class teachers pay-level newspaper, view news (Reporter Li Wenji) At the national two sessions this year, Zhang Yue, the National Peoples Congress, is not proportional to the income and workload, currently many compulsory education stages Teachers dont want the class teacher◆▽, and the work is not high. So he suggested that teachers should improve teachers performance salary, clear and improve the primary and medium-sized master allowance★•. Zhang Yucai told reporters that the class teacher is the main implementor of the daily ideological and moral education and student management work of primary and secondary schools. Many excellent class teachers have become a students life tutor. Director of the class is not underestimated during the healthy growth of students◆□. But at present, many teachers, especially the primary school teachers in the compulsory education stage●…●, do not want to work, and many times the summer vacation is upgrade.