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[oasis parka jacket]Original title: 1388 people in Inner Mongolia in the field of poverty alleviation fields and …●”geese pulling★▷△■” The reporter learned from the Introduction to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection△▼, in the first quarter, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at our district strictly investigated corruption and style of poverty☆★●, “geese” corruption, formalism and bureaucracy -◁”ten performance”, etc. Question, 338 party disciplines. Among them, there are 850 poverty and style of poverty and style, and 850 issues were accepted▪▼○=. Investigate the issue of “geese pulling” corruption, 1803 questions, and 240 party disciplines. Typical cases are also notified. Typical cases of corruption and style of poverty alleviation: 1▪○, Hohhot New Town Baocheng Town Financial Office Cardiy, Guo Changch?

The newly released Supreme Peoples Court Work Report has a brightest point, severely punish corruption crime, correct the wrong case★○…▽, and maintain the “safety on the tip of the tongue▼■▲●”, etc-=. Xiaobian selected a “golden sentence” from the report□☆–, so that you first read the report▲★◆◁. Adhere to the ☆•●”Tiger Shooting•□○●” does not relax, always maintain a high-pressure situation on corruption, improve the judicial case of criminal cases◇▷•, severely crack down and shock corrupt molecules. Strictly punish the corruption that happened around the people▼-. Never let the corrupt molecules are economically beneficial. Never let the corrupt molecules escape the trial of justice. Increased the punishment of the safety crimes against food and drugs◇★◆▷, and strive to protect the right to life and health of the people and “safety on the tip of the tongue.▼☆▼◇” Strengthening the original law=■…, reflecting the legal scale, reflecting the judicial temperature, achieving the fusion of the law, letting he.

Original title: The US military claims that the ability to destroy Chinas “artificial island”? Hu Xijin: China is not afraid of threats◆◇▽▼, the Peoples Liberation Army also has the core ability [Global Network] Director of the United States of Jun, the Marine Corps■…▲, in the Marine Team, on May 31, said that the US reporter said that the US military has in the West Pacific Destroying the extensive experience of the island, interpretation of the media as that he declares that the US military has the ability to destroy the “artificial island” created by China. On June 1st, General Hu Xijin commented on Weibo in Weibo, China is not afraid of threat, and the Peoples Liberation Army has its own core competence. The following is Hu Xi Jin Weibo full text: In answering the United States to destroy the ▽▷•…”artificial island○•” in China◁=, ○•□”I just want to say that the US military has rich experience in the island in the West Pacific. This is the US military A co.

Original title△○▷: my countrys heavy rocket 500-ton engine prototype admitted to a new news report☆☆, Beijing March 4 (Reporter Fu Yifei) reporter learned from China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Sixth Hospital, my country is targeting Heavy rockets of three liquid engines are carrying out key technical research and program deepening demonstration•☆▽, and have completed multi-wheel core components and component-level combined heat tests. Among them, the 500-ton engine in 2018 can complete the machine production and assembly of the engineering prototype. Liu Zhi, a representative of the National Peoples Congress…=, and Liu Zhi☆▷◇○, the Sixth Hospital, introduced the scientific reporter△▼○□, and the three new liquid rocket engines that recommend heavy-duty launch rockets are 500 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engines, 200 tons and 25-ton liquid oxygen hydrogen engine▷•■-, respectively, respectively. Used as a heavy rocket level, second a-▪.

Original title★△▲○: Two sessions this year◇•, they participated in and expected that in 2018, the beginning of the 19th National Spirit of the Party is also a good year of building a well-off society, implementing the “13th Five-Year Plan”. In this context, this year▼◇, the nationwide will be held, and it is very eye-catching. The report interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Democratic Parties and foreign friends to perceive their attention and expectations of the nationwide. ■ On the eve of the theme of the proposal, the democratic parties held the news ventilation meeting, introduced the situation of the participation in political bogies in the past year, and notified the relevant situation of submitted proposals this year. From the perspective★△◇★, the proposal proposed by the democratic Parties is in close to the theme of the times, focusing on the key difficulties of the national center work and reform and development▽○=, reflecting social concerns■…◇, and physical…□! royal blue suit jacketst shirt manufacturers.

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