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[manufacture t shirts]Original title■▪◇○: Guangdong Yixi two cars collided with tanker explosion only dozens of meters from the gas station=-, the scene of the accident, Zhanjiang June 3 (Reporter Liang Sheng) 3◇=:32 pm 325 National Highway Guangdong Zhanxi County Huangli Town Yuanshui Gas Station intersection, junction section of the source water intersection, an air-load liquid ammonia tank car with a silt truck collided with a silt truck, which caused the tanker explosion Traffic accident. After receiving the report■★▽○, the local government, the public security traffic police, fire protection and other departments immediately rushed to the scene to dispose. At present, the fire has been extinguished▷■□…, no casualties in the accident, the relevant work is in an orderly manner. It is understood that the accident is only ten meters away from the Sinopec Suxiyuan water gas station. When the incident, the liquid ammonia tank car is just empty car, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable. (Finis?

Original title: Zhang Xiaoping served as the Secretary-General of Jiangxi Provincial Government to commit a list of economic daily – China Economic Net Nanchang April 2 Comprehensive Report on April 2nd, Jiangxi 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Second Meeting in Nanchang Hold a second plenary meeting▽…=. The conference vote decided to appoint lists through the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress, decided to appoint 20 new provincial government to form a department: Zhang Xiaoping is the Secretary-General of the Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government•◆=▷; Zhang Qi is director of the Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission; Yang Guiping is Jiangxi Province Industrial and Information Director of the Committee; Ye Renyi is a long guide for the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education•○; Xie Guanghua is a long; Liu Jin is a long★●◇; Wang Guoqiang is the director of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Justice=★▷★; Liu Sanqiu is Jiangxi Province Resources and soci.

Xinhua News Agency, March 2•■◁★, China Peoples Political Consultation Conference▲•=•, the first meeting of the 13th National Committee▪◇☆, Presidential Moderator and Secretary-General (March 2, 2018) The 13th National Committee for the 13th National Committee The conference preparatory meeting passed) 1. The Bureau (325, sorted by surname ▼-▪△”) in Guangzhou◇-★☆, in civilization, Yu Lexiang, Wan Steel (to the official party)=●■, Wan Jianmin□○◆▼, Ma Wei (Zhuang), Ma Zhengqi, horse Gifts…▼▼, Ma Zhiwei (Manchu)★▼○, Ma Yinglin, Ma Wei · Saili Harmat (Kazakh), Wang Hong (female, Manchu), Wang Chen-…▪, Wang Xia (female)△◁●, Wang Wei (female)▲◇▲●, Wang Jian-◆, Wang Rui, Wang Road▲■…◆, Wang Tiange=▼, Wang Shaojun■□○▷, Wang Zhengwei (Hui)★□○, Wang Zhengrong◁-△△, Wang Guangqian, Wang Weiguang, Wang Hui, Wang Shoujun, Wang Zhean, Wang Linxu, Wang Changshu☆-◇■.

Original title▽▽▼: The lake is hidden with ancient castle★■★☆? A village in Guizhou discovered that the treasures in the treasure of the Tibetan Tomb, the treasures in the treasures of the treasures should be used back…☆▪•. Often someone takes a metal detector to see treasure hunt here. In the Tibetan Cave△□◇□, it was dug in the air everywhere▽▷, and the big and small excavation pits were all▽●…=. Who is built in the ancient whistle? What is the old castle? What is the ancient Chinese tomb group? The reporter has recently invited experts to visit Lukuian Village on the banks of Hongfeng Fenghu Town, Guihu Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province……. The old and mysterious Lussen Village of Hongfeng Lake is. The arrogant whistle of the old whistle of •◁▷▽”Marrying the Slope▼▪” is named after ancient whistle. The Luhu whistle, on a mountain in Luhuui Village, this mountain is called “marriage”. Asking the origins of this ancient whistle, many people in the village said unclear. in order •□.