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[good quality t shirts in bulk]Original title: The name of the secretary of the local website is notified recently, the Office of the Hengyang Municipal Government of Hunan Province has notified the citys first quarter government website spot check○◆★-, and there is a prominent problem in the content of 8 government websites. The test rate is 86%. The eight government websites reported mainly about information updates, and severe typical words and interactive responses should be poor□◆○•. “WIANNS•◆▼★” (WeChat ID◇=: ZSENEWS) Noted that According to the report, the Hengyang City Water Conservancy Bureau found that there were 6 serious typical words-◆, especially the name of the Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, ▷◁”Du Jiahao•☆…” The site is individually veto◆■. In addition=□, seven units such as Hengyang Safety Supervision Bureau, Municipal Legal Office•△☆●, Municipal State Taxation Bureau▲▽, are also notified due to problems such as typography. It is understood th•▷☆□.

Original title: Gonglin Committee talked about variety show consumption actors▪◇◇: Participants must touch their conscience to be a member of the Art National Committee of China, and the famous small product actors will enter Tiananmen Square. China Youth Network reporter Lu Guanqiong photo China Youth Network Beijing March 3 On the afternoon of the 3rd This year, his proposal is related to the promotion of the network and the positive energy of the film▪△▲…. •=□★”Variety show consumption actors-○” asked and controversial, Gonglin said, this is two questions. “One is someone wants to consume, one is consumption.” He emphasized, “participants still have to touch conscience to do art△◁-▽, deep plowing is cultural, stick to moral bottom line•◆◁☆, can not bow to money.

Original title■▲☆=: The original deputy director of the Nanning Railway Bureau, the president of the original trade union is suspected of accepting bribes and is a public prosecution. The Beijing News Bureau recently•■•, the two Nanning Railway Bureau (now restructure is the China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co▷◆◁.▷★, Ltd.) senior official by Guangxi The agency filed a public prosecution with bribes. It is understood that the post before the case is related to the railway freight with the railway freight. The Beijing News report learned from the official channel of the Guangxi Procuratorate▲…▪, Ren Shaoqing☆•★, the former deputy director of the Nanning Railway Bureau••, the original chairman of the Nanning Railway Bureau■•, the second chairman of the Nanning Railway Bureau•▽□, from the two cases of the bribe, and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Peoples Procuratorate Nanning Railway Transport Branch Investigation Terminal. The hospital filed a public prosecution to the Nanning Railway Transport Intermediate Court of the South Ning Railway Transportation. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Peoples Procuratorate Nanning Railway Transport Branch Removers: The defendant Yuqing is in 2002 to 20 all boxing training equipment.

Original title▽•: The problem of “the people reflected in the uniform social credit code” “The masses can not be unified social credit code”▽□: @ 子 发布 @ 子 released on August 5th, on August 4th, there is a media report “cant come down After the unified social credit code ◆•▲”◇○●, the Square District Committee, the District Government attaches great importance to the immediate meeting=★, organizing the relevant departments under the national policy to study the problems encountered by the masses. After the meeting, it immediately arranged the establishment of the survey team by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, rapid to the relevant unit, and conduct investigations to the relevant units, and will seriously investigate the responsibility of the relevant staff according to the results of the survey. The district committee, the district government requires, deeply reflect on the issues exposed by window units▼☆☆▽, requiring all units in the whole region to be warned, learn from lessons△…◇, and raise a non-three★■-, seriously find work style□◁▷, for civil service, et!

Original title▲=: The representative of the Peoples Congress Ma Huateng: Pay attention to the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Bay District=○○=, preventing the Internet Financial Risk Ma Huatengs New National Peoples Congresss first representative conference after performing the duties, is attainable and expected. On March 2▪■, 132 Guangdongs National Peoples Congress went to Beijing, attended the upcoming 13th National Peoples Congress, and part of the National Peoples Congress representative also followed Guangdong delegation to Beijing•▼, 8 in deep ten The representative of the 3rd National Peoples Congress will be held on this year. Shenzhen representative “Shenzhen Characteristics” reporter learned that Shenzhens 8 National Peoples Congress representatives are Chen Rui, Shenzhen Mayor, Chen Rui, Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Congress, Wang Jianjun◁▲▼, General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Wang Jianjun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tencent Computer Systems Co., Ltd. CEO Ma Huateng, ZTE Communication Co.▲▲◆, Lt flannel jacket with hood jackets manufacturer!