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[golden bear wool varsity jacket]Original title: Nanjing a civil servant illegally sold citizen personal information 820,000 first trial was sentenced to 4 years of Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Wei) Utilize the illegal personal information of citizenship, transfer for sale, total 820▼●■★,000■○. The Beijing News reporter today (March 21) learned from the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court that Nanjing agency cadres were sentenced to 4 years in prison for confirming the crime of violations of citizens. The court has been tried◁■◆, from April 2010, Liu has served as a deputy director of the deputy director of Nanjing agency unit. During the Director of the Director, I should have illegally acquired some enterprise names▽◆, corporate legal representatives or Enterprise information, including information□★=▪, resident ID number, mobile phone number, fixed phone, etc▪★.=…▲☆, and sells the above information or gives Yan Mo!

Recently, the Chinese pregnant women who have received interest in Thailand have been sentenced to the second trial judgment in Thailand. The defendant Yu Dong (pseudonym) was identified as “no preamble▽•” and was sentenced to ten years in prison. After you know the results of the judgment◁☆☆•, the royal history of the lawyer did not know how to tell the party Wang Ling (pseudonym) and drag to her at night. •…”She is very strong◆☆•◇, but this result is too big to fight her●●.…◇★◇” June 9, 2019-▽=◁, three and a half months of pregnancy, Wang Ling in Ubran, Thailand, was 34 meters from Husband The high cliff is pushed down, and the whole body is fractured•▽▷★, and the ICU has rescued 8 days of living, and the fetus in the abdomen can not be saved. In March 2020, Yu Dongyi was sentenced to no senten?

Original title: Cold eye ◁△▼”Bang Dranate•▲▼” in this Taiwan is experiencing a depression of the Yingying, an empty hotel room, unmanned cruise ship and a closed travel agency have exposed ▷■”diplomacy” that is constantly upgrading between mainland China and Taiwan. Pacific ministers, Pacific, Pacula◁-▷, is increasingly enlarged. ▲ Palakoror, which was photographed on August 5▽●, 2018◇▪▼. (Reuters) According to Reuters on August 19th▷▼, with the influence of Chinas expansion in the Pacific region, Palau became one of the 18 ▪★★”ally▽★△▼” in Taipei in the world, and is facing changing camps. pressure. According to reports, there were very obvious signs of the Chinese retreat in Colols commercial center••△★. The hotel and restaurant are empty, travel agency closed, bring tourists to Palau Green Mushroom-shaped Rocky Gr? blank clothing wholesale wholesale womens yoga pants – gum jacket.

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