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[hot girls in athletic shorts]Many media such as Larase●▽▽, Indias local time, I invited local government officials on May 28 that at least 11 of the Aligah region in Northern India were killed by drinking fake wine. According to reports, a few villages in the Alisor region purchased alcoholic drinks from a nearby liquor store in a regular business license. Since the 27th, some people have a physical discomfort after drinking alcoholic drinks●○▪◁. On the 28th▪◇, the local police department received a report of 11 deaths▷★▼, and many people were taken to the local hospital for treatment, and the number of deaths may rise further. According to the local police…□, the wine store has be.

Original title: Jiang Tao takes the Secretary of Chongqing Shapingba District Party Secretary Tang Xing nominates the Secretary of the Civil Affairs Bureau (China Economic Net Chongqing March 6) According to Chongqing Shapingba District Government website news, March 2, Shapingba District held Leading Cadres in the District. The Municipal Party Committee decided: Comrade Wang Yue no longer served as Secretary of the Shapingba District Committee of Chongqing…◆, China, and Comrade Jiang Tao as a member of the Chongqing Shapingba District Committee, Standing Committee, Secretary. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library Information, Jiang Tao=•, June 1962, once served as Secretary of the Dabu District Committee, 2016, member of the Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau Party Secretary, Director. Wang Yue has been elected as deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Peoples Congress in January this year. According to the official website of Chongqing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau: Tang Step N△=▽.

Original title▽◆▷: Sun Hao is elected by the Mayor of Harbin Municipal Peoples Government ▲▪●▽”New Evening News◁■△” WeChat Board March 28th news, 14 oclock in the Municipal Peoples Congress held a closed meeting at the Harbin International Convention Center□▼◆. The conference voted to elect Sun Wei for the Mayor of the Harbin Municipal Peoples Government, and the Gold and Silver Wall is the Dean of Harbin Intermediate Peoples Court. The Executive President of the General Assembly issued the elected certificate and held a constitutional oath ceremony. Sun Hao, a resolved, Male, Han, October 1963, Shandong Longkou, August 1985☆▪◆▽, January 1984, January 1984, joined the Communist Party of China▼■△▪, Harbin Institute of Architecture Engineering, graduated from the construction of water supply and drainage▪▪□, Engineering, Engineering Ph.D., professor. 1981.09-1985◁…▪●.08 Harbin Institute of Architecture Engineeri!

Original title: (Military) The Military Commissions Discipline Committee opened corrective formalism, bureaucracy issues set up “target” precision Xi Xinhua News Agency Beijing▽=, Beijing•★, China Approved by the Central Military Commission, the recent military committee discipline committee issued issued ◇▷▪”correct formism◇–, bureaucracy Question List▪◇, this is a powerful initiative to implement the chairman of the President of the Internship on correct formalism, bureaucratic issues△□★, and promote precise and dynamic, fine implementation. The list is reflected in the officers and soldiers reflects strong outstanding problems, and the formism and bureaucrats are highly shown-•. From the implementation of higher-level decision-making=•▲, study and education, training•◁○•, training according to law=◇○=, inspect and investigate=★▪, vendors, service forces, and take 8 In terms of 52 species of specific performance○•△☆, the leaders and the agencies of all levels have been deeply digging◁▽…▪, and the gap is provided, and the tree . cotton fleece varsity jacketsports apparel australia – construction shirt design.

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