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Original title: (Environment) Shanxi Comprehensive Built 21374 River Long “Logging=•□▼” Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan March 30 (Reporter Ma Xiaoyuan) Reporter learned from Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, at present, the province◁▷△, city of the provinces river lake …△, County-…□, township, and village five-level river long system have been completed◇▼, and 21,374 rivers in the province have lived◆★○. Shanxi has a “historical mountain river”, and there are many rivers★▪▽◁. Since the central government deployed the river long system, Shanxi Province attaches great importance to the provincial work program in April last year. The province▼•▼…, the province, the province, county, township and villages, all the provinces, the county○-•, township□◁•, villages, five-level river long system are established before the end of December▽▼. Form a level of grading level☆◇◆▲, layers grasp the river long system work pattern. According to the relevant person in charge of the Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, there are currently 21•◁,374 rivers, and the province has implemented a total of river…★=?

Xinhua News Agency-▪, the United Nations, Chinas resident representative Zhang Jun, the representative of the United Nations, presided over the President of the Council, presided over the Palestinian issue of the Palestinian issue of the Council-▲◁, presided over the President of the Council◇●○. When speaking as a representative of China□○■□, Zhang Jun said that the Council should take strong action to reiterate the firm support of the ■▼•”two countries”, calling on the international community to practice real multilateralism, and play a role in the solution to Palestine issues. Zhang Jun said that the international community must increase actions to ensure that the relevant parties have effectively abide by the ceasefire and recover the full calm as soon as possible▷■•☆. China urges all parties to keep restraints to avoid taking initiatives that may lead to an upgrade▪-◆•. Zhang Jun pointed out that the humanitarian crisis faced by Palestine is concerned abo■☆.

Original title: 6 people in the East China Sea Fleet promoted the rank of Naval University, 18 people promoted professional and technical school military ranks in-depth implementation of Xi Jinpings strong thoughts, further stimulating the vast number of officers and soldiers love military careers, dedicating the honor of the Navy, enhancing officers and soldiers The construction of a strong sense of modern naval is responsible. On the afternoon of March 14, the East China Sea Fleet was held in the commander of the Multi-Function Hall held a rising ceremony◆•. The rank promotion ceremony was approved by the Navy■=-●. The East China Sea Fleet was promoted to the rank of the Naval University, and 18 officers were promoted to the rank of professional and technical schools. The promotion ceremony of all the staff was hosted by the Fleet Wang Huayong political commissar, and the fleet Wei Gang commander read the naval order•★◆◇. Wei Gang commander, Wang Huayong Political Committee awarded the order of the military officer. Fleet at the party committ cropped workout hoodie.varsity jacket white