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[kinds of t shirt]Original title: Rehabilitation Xiaoyan incident: Do not give yourself plus the self-cultivation of volunteers in Xiao Fengya incident, the volunteers have the active movement of the service object and is full of greatness, this is very unprofessional. Text Zhang Tianpan ◇▽•■”Xiaoyuyas death” incident has gradually presents a relatively clear context=▪▽, from the beginning of the Qianfeng Yas parents, and now public opinion generally questioned the volunteers in the event and spread this online. The initiator of the matter, the direction of public opinion has taken great shift=●•…. Writers Chen Hao, volunteers who participated in this matter and some netizens of netizens◆◇, causing secondary injuries to Xiao Fengya parents, from helping people, and rescue people finally evolved into □◆▼•”hurt people□◇●•.” ▲ Writer Chen Wei Weibo screenshot some volunteers who care about Xiao Fengya and self-media, without confirming all the fac.

Original title: Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress: Constitution and the times have a long-lasting vitality – Zheng Shuna, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Legal Work Committee, to talk about my countrys constitution is the general charter of governance, must reflect the party and The development of the peoples career must continue to improve the development with the development of the party to lead the people in the development of Chinese characteristics. On March 9▷■▼■, the reporter interviewed the National Peoples Congress on the revision of the Constitution△▷●, Zheng Shina, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Legal Work Committee. Reporter: Why is it necessary to make appropriate modifications on the basis of maintaining continuity☆▲★○, stability and authority of my country□◆○▲? Zheng Shina▲–: The constitutional revision is a major event in the national political life. It is the party center to persistence and development from the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinpin.

Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, April 2 (Reporter Xu Jin Yu) these two days, a different god of poverty has caused a small sensation, preaching, and preaching content to become a village tea rice in Tammy Town, Ningxia Yanchi County. The hot topic of the rest◆★. ■•▪▼”The preligors are the ordinary farmers on the town■▼▪, many know, some are still playing together▲◆. They are all truthful, everyone can understand…●◇□, willing to listen. Tell the emotion, we also follow Tears together. ▼○●”Tianji Village established a card to Tang Jun said=△. Since the Spring Festival-△☆▷, 8 towns and towns in Yanchi County have formed an 8-provoked lecture group■-◇. In all administrative villages, △▪▼=”the poor” theme tour in all administrative villages-▪◁▷, the preliminary people are all screened from the poverty poverty, and they use the people to speak People, publicize and poverty alleviation policies=△, motivate the masses to get ri.Next Posts» reviews insulated ski jacket manufacturer,