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[fitnes step]Original title: Anhui “100 million-in-law”: Huan Chaohu Governance and the agency loan credit is 45.4 billion yuan to bring the comprehensive management of Chaohu◁▷-, and the overall plan of the Chaohu Comprehensive Green Development◁◇, “Hefei System▷★” in Hefei City, Anhui Province. Promote building a green development of beautiful nest. To this end, Anhui Banking Regulatory Bureau actively guided various large banks within Hefei in Hefei in the jurisium, and took the initiative to connect the Chaohu Comprehensive Management Project to provide financial support and supporting services for the construction of beautiful Chaohu◁…◇. It is understood that “hundreds of millions of revenue” has been investing more than 10 billion yuan▲▷▲, and the total investment of 10,000 yuan in the first to five issues of the first to five issues of the project has been 58.526 billion yuan◁★, a total of 45○=-.4 billion yuan for all kinds of institutional loans such as national development banks○◆▼. Credit funds provide effective funding for comprehensive governance of Huanchaohu. Huan Chaohu governance project has been implement.

Original title: The mayor has installed 9 million behind the bus, and some people are filled with it. It can only put it back … In the trunk of corrupt officials▪●, Is there regular◁★•△? This is the first story about “trunk★▼▼•” – Zhang Mou◆○, chairman of a mining group in Wuhai City, for a coal-coal project, giving the mayor Hou Fengshi sent 3 million, this coal boss, this is three ” The wine box “directly put it into the trunk of Hou Mayor. Who is not yet-…▽▪, Zhang Boss wants to send less, so I put 3 million =…”wine box” into the trunk of Hou Mayor▼▲. Of course•●★▼, it is of course a matter. In order to thank Hou Fengqi, in order to further request, Zhang Boss will put three ▼○…”wine box” in the third ★-▷”wine box” in the third time•◁□□. Just this one of the boss, the mayor of Hou The “trunk” of the car is laughin□○.

Original title: Harbin is fully rectified△◁, and the citizen report is the highest to reward 80,000 yuan press release site Northeast Net map Jinyu news news★▪▪, the reporter has been known from Harbin City to sweep the evil special struggle. Harbin has established a leading group and office of the special struggle for evil. Through the close combination of anti-corruption, the grassroots “shoot” is closely integrated-◆, and the overall rectification of the black and evil for breeding space, the public will report black The highest prize of the criminal clues can be rewarded by RMB 80,000. According to the central▲◆, provincial unified deployment, Harbin Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government has established the citys anti-evil special struggle leading group and office, formulated the “Implementation Plan of Harbin Sweeping and Devil”, introduced “City Sweeping Struggle Leading Group Work Rules●=, established wo!

Original title: Wang Yang participated in the Shanghai delegation▷○▼•, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Shanghai Delegation held a plenary meeting in the Shanghai Hall of the Great Hall of the People•▪, reviewed the Government Work Report, Review Program Report and Budget Report this morning◁-•. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the consideration. Li Qiang-▽, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting▼-▼-, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee▷●▼, mayor, the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress, and the head of the Shanghai delegation were attended. The venue is warm, and the delegates consider and speak▼△-. Be brave, Zhang Zhaoan, Hang Yingwei, Shouziqi, Wang Jianyu, Zhang Weimin•-, Chen Hong, Li Bin, etc. Reform, promote Kobang Cent. cute yoga custom fitness apparel manufacturer – womens cpssion suit wholesale apparel vendors shirts made in usa wholesale,