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Xinhua News News Agency The Bill is marked with the full completion of the local legislation involved in the Hong Kong Sector Electoral System▽▷-◇. This is the legal results and system progress in Hong Kong to the rule of Zhizhi■◁◆, the original Qing source, the re-departure, “Patriots” principle is fully implemented from the system mechanism, reflecting and implementing, and the “Oriental Pearl” after the wind and rain To the new stage of development▲□△, Hong Kongs ○•”one country, two systems○▼” practices have opened a new chapter in history. Adopt?

Original title: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology○△◇◁: China 5G R & D ranks in the world will be with entity economic integration international online news★◁▽: Chen Zhaoxiong, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that China will promote cross-industry cooperation in the development of 5G application development, promote 5G The induction of the inner economy depth, innovation 5G and transportation★▷▲, medical▲▼●, environment and other public services are integrated▷○. At present▽◁▽, the global 5G is in a critical period of accelerated development…•, many operators in foreign countries are committed to promoting 5G commercial deployment, seizing technology▽★○=. In this context•○◁, Chinas 5G R & D has received an external attention. At the 5G industry application seminar organized by the China Information Communications Research Institute, Chen Zhaoxion, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology, introduced Chinas 5G R & D. “my country ◇□=.

Xinhua News Agency, May 26th, Qi Qi◆△: How to change the ▽▽”Wisdom Tree”, China Xinhua News Agency●□, Zou Mo, Pandex▼•☆△, Chinas large data industry is more than 30%, the industry is more than 10,000 100 million yuan, 5G terminal connection accounts for more than 80% of the world •◁… 26th▼▼…◇, 2021 China International Data Industry Expo opened in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, and an exciting data came from the site. From the landing roots to the branches of the branches, the “wisdom tree” of the big data is growing in China, and I will have a deep development of your production life☆◁. Digital is an economic transformation and adding power to more than 40 fierce competitions▼▲=○, and cloud resources based fluid mechanics simulation service group.

Original title: Zhejiang Provincial Supervision Committee Exploring the Road of Self-supervision to the cage in the cage with the spring breeze of the national monitoring system reform pilot■-◁, Zhejiang Province achieves full coverage of all public officials of all exercise public powers. Before the reform, the provinces administrative supervision target was 383,000▷○; the inspection of the supervision after reform was 701▪□,000●◇◆•. However, the greater the power, the greater the risk. Supervise◁▷, survey★▼★, disposal … How to take a sacred mission given by three functions▼■▪? How can I have a good idea in the process of exercising the right●△…? Do a good job in internal supervision and constraints△◆▷●, is imminent. “Trust can not replace supervision, any power must be run in the cage of the system◆○■. Zhejiang is in the process of promoting the reform of the reform•▽=, and has always put the supervision of the supervisory committee in the prominent position. In the institutional setting, business operati pantyhose wholesale★▽○▼.athletic wear wholesale suppliers