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[wholesale sports clothing distributors]Original title: 4 consecutive days without rest! China sea police ship continued to cruise the Diaoyu Islands China Sea Police ship (Ziyuan▽-□: Japan NHK News) Overseas Network March 26, 4 China sea police ship in Diaoyu Islands Continuous Region The sea area cruises and was unreasonable warning of the Japanese maritime security headquarters. The Japanese media said that Chinas sea police ship has appeared near the Diaoyu Islands for a new year. According to Japan NHK News and “Nursing News” report, Japans 11th tube area is headquartered◆□■▽, on the 26th-=, Japan Maritime Security Hall patrol boat discovers four Chinese sea police ships to sail in the Diaoyu Islands◇■□, 1 suspected equipment As of 9 oclock in the morning of the local time, 4 Chinese sea police ships were in the northwest of Diaoyu Islands. It is approximately 29 kilometers to 34 kilometers to the sea area•-●◆. Japans maritime security headquarters is unreasonable to warn Chinas sea polic.

Original title…-: Zhanghu Ren Guangdong Provincial Government Secretary-General, Ge Changwei, Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, March 30▲=□, the second meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, decided to appoint: Zhang Hu is the Secretary-General of the Guangdong Provincial Peoples Government Ge Changwei is director of the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission; Director of the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission; Jing Lihu is a long history of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education; Wang Ruijun is a long guide for the Guangdong Science and Technology Department◇■; Yuan Gujie is the Guangdong Provincial National Religious Affairs Director of the Committee; Li Chunsheng is the director of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department…▽▷…; Zhu Zhiqiang is a long history of the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department; Zeng Xiangli is the director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice; Dai Yunlong is the Hall of Finance Department of Guangdong Province; Huang Dynasty is the Guangdong Human Resources and Social Security Department Long in the hall; Chen Guangrong black quilted jacket womens – american made workout clothes shirt supplier,!

Original title◆○: The highest inspection work report released: amended more than 30 contexts▲◆◇☆, always pursued a letter□◇▽, Da, Ja ◆ Passed 2781 votes, the proposed rate of 93□★◇-.89%, and the highest approval since the 7th National Peoples Congress of the 1990 National Peoples Congress Tickets and approval rates★-▪◁. ◆ Report references more than 50 cases and describes the relevant cases in the attachment•●▼•. ◆ The report was drafted and has always pursued 3 words of “letter•◁▽◇, Da, Ya•□”. ◆ Continue to open “attachment mode”, use a lot of comics and other fresh elements, more lively, better reading◆◇▲▲. ◆ Preparation work has started more than 20 days earlier in the past□○◇▪. ◆ The amount of information is large◁=●-, and the 5-year procuratorial work is concentrated in the case of change in paracenesis. ◆ Not only is the “longitudinal push■=△”☆-, it shows time span▲▽☆•, but also shows in “horizonta.

Some destruction of the shells of the shells are from the WeChat Baozhu “Southern War District◇▲■” May 8th to 17th, the Southern Army Yunnan Milay Brigade organized the first mine and explosive The scale is destroyed, and more than 12,000 landmines and explosives are co-destructed. The mines and explosives destroyed by the destroyed destroyed mines were Sweeping Four teams from the Yunnan Ming Lei Brigade Silver from several thunderies near Zhaoshi County Tianbao Port residential area, including various types of anti-pediers, shells◁…-◇, shells Invite, grenades, hand thunder, and bullets. In the field guided the destroyed Yunnan Milay Brigade, the deputy team of the Vice Brigade, in accordance with the requirements of the upper level☆■◁, usually searched in the mine-saving process, the officers and men will destroy it before withdrawing the thunder△◆◆. Securi usa made hemp clothing tshirt wholesale vendors!

Original title▷•▽☆: The old man is “black and evil forces bullying”▼◆? Yueyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection●★: It is said that there is a neighboring dispute. The 70-year-old elderly man in Zhuanglou Village, Shi Niuzhai Town, Pingjiang County▼…, Hunan Province, showed a long-lost smile, and said△◆…=, ▷▼•◆”Thanks to the party committee•△★◆, thank you for your discipline committee. I am the Lord▪○▪, I am a lonely wife▲==, no longer afraid of being bullied by others …■△●..▽▽□…. “Net transmission★○▷▽” five insurance old people were bullied by the villagers “Commission for Discipline Investment■-■, I have to start from a netizens WeChat article▷▼…, February 27th, Some netizens reflected in the WeChat public number ◇…☆”A case of rural black and evil forces 獗==: Hunan Pingjiang Shi Niuzhai Town Village collectively bullying poverty-stricken five-security elderly, triggered network attention. The article said that “the 70-year-old five-security household in Zhuanglou Village, Shi Niuzhai Town, Dunhua, has donated the door to the neighboring village grou★=■▪.