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[green windbreakers]Original title▪◇: The official website of the National Operators website official WeChat debut March 20th morning◆□▷, cover journalists learned that WeChat public account ◆=”The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection□◆▷•” has been renamed as the “Central Commission for Discipline Inspection•▽”. This is also the first appearance of the official WeChat of the National Committee. The reporter noted that the WeChat system showed that the record time of the name change was March 20, 2018. At 11▽○:42 on the same day, this WeChat public number after the rename was first pushed a total of 7 articles. Including the “Director of the National Supervision Committee◁▼•▲, deputy director, how did a member? ▲…◇▲”,▲-◆▪” National supervisory law adopted=◁◆! Important milestones of anti-corruption treatment At the same time▽△▽, the reporter also noted that the previous Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has also been changed to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Chinese peopl?

Original title=●: Domestic 14-price HPV vaccine, 13-pronaneous pneumonia vaccine in addition to the priority review or will accelerate the listing of the new Beijing News (Reporter Xu Wen), the original country Food and Drug Administration, the drug review center★-, the official website, publicized the 27th batch The list of drugs to priority review priority●◁, including domestic recombinant 14-poby papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, and 13 drugs in the 13-priced pneumococcal polysaccharide combined with “green channel” or will accelerate it★▽-. Among the listings announced△□▽, 12 drugs were launched in new drugs▽=■△, and nine drugs were new drugs□•★☆, and the remaining 5 drugs were applying for imitation drugs. It is worth noting that the 14-price HPV vaccine developed by Beijing Ninning Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the domestic restructuring of Shenzhou Cell Engineering Co○-▽★.○■, Ltd■☆. as a major special project■=○■, its n usa wholesale clothing mens activewear australia – down jacket supplier. private label clothing manufacturers wholesale wool varsity jackets!

Source: Changan Street, the original title: After the military reform, the new Liu Jiao has served as the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission, and the director of the Army Political Work Department, the new position of Liu Jiaoguo Major General and clearly – the Political Committee of the Central Military Commission. Todays “Liberation Army News” report, ▽★■”the most lovely people from the people, learn from the people .▲◇…●..” In the representative of Liu Jiaoguo, the national defense mobilization department of the Military Commission==…▪, the party and the government and the broad masses of the people have always had the tradition of supporting the military, these full The exquisite words constitute the most symbolic identity of the military and civilians. At present•◁, the Minister of Defense Mobilization is Shengbin■□. In addition▽=, according to todays ■□○=”Peoples Liberation Army▼=” report▲●▽, the regular tribute to the Deputy Political Committee of the Guangzhou Military Region Lianzhi Department will go to the Central Military Commission. Previously served as the count.

Original title: Li Changan: Chinese working hours can also be shorter to the Korea Congress recently reviewed the revision of the Labor Bench Act to shorten the workers longest working hours from 68 hours to 52 hours. Soon, the German Metal Industry Trade Union reached an agreement to shorten the working week from standard 35 hours. The length of working hours involves all the labor rights of all workers, and thus be one of the most concerned social issues of the people△○•★. International experience shows that in the early stage of economic development in one country, the laborer is willing to increase working hours to improve their revenue to abandon their leisure time☆◆□◇; however▪■■, when per capita income is raised to a certain level, workers have preferences for leisure It will become stronger◁◆. With the level of economic development and the improvement of labor productivity, working time is shru●•?

Original title: (Military) The Central Military Commission carried out the military logistics power adjustment reform special mobile inspection Xinhua News Agency Beijing May 2 The Central Military Commission sent an inspection team to adjust the military logistics power to adjust the reform for special mobile inspections. At present, the Central Military Commissions inspection team has been stationed in 5 battles, and the relevant units in the direction reform of the war area will carry out inspection supervision. The inspections followed the adjustment reform process, divided into two stages of transfer and troops, adhere to the problem-oriented○△▼◁, highlight supervision, focusing on the inspection unit to implement the chairman and the Central Military Commission reform decision-making deployment, abide by political discipline and political rules, people Financial Transfer Transfer, Party Organization Function, etc▪◇=.-◇●, in the direction of the five-war area, ▲◇☆”small group multi-channel” mobile phone flexible supervision and inspection, adhere to the journey of journey, grasping early, a□▽○.