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[unbranded t-shirts wholesale]Original title: (International) Chile and Argentina will implement a single visa to China Tourists San Diego August 22 (Reporter Wang Pei) Chile and Argentine Foreign Minister signed an agreement on the San Diego in Chile, decided to China will Tourists implement a single visa to facilitate Chinese tourists to enter the country▷★◇▽. On the same day, the Foreign Minister of Chile Roberto Apularo and Argentina Foreign Minister Daojach Signed the -□”Agreement of Chile and Argentina to recognize the Chinese citizen tourism visa”. From January next year☆▽, Chinese citizens can travel to the two countries only to the country of travel▽▼△. According to the agreement, Chile and Argentina will issue a tourist visa with “Adza Tourism” label. Chinese citizens holding this visa must first enter the country, then can be 90 da!

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 9 (Reporter Luosha■□○, Gao Jing) National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Law Enforcement Inspection Team on the implementation of the implementation of atmospheric pollution prevention and control law, submitted to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee meeting, report, ecological environment and other departments It is necessary to develop and publish toxic and harmful atmospheric pollutants before the end of 2018▲=•◇. Report recommendations☆●□●, speed up the formulation of supporting regulations and standards. The sewage permit management regulations were introduced before the end of 2019◆…□▲, and the whole process management and multi-pollutant coordination control of fixed pollution sources were implemented…●△, and the sewage permit was issued according to the industry, region, and time limit. In 2020, the construction of the sewage permit system became the core system of fixed source environment management, and implemented “a certificate△•▷•” management◁▷◁. Market supervision and other departments should accelerate the establishment of motor vehicles and non-road mobile mechanical environmental protection recall systems. B△▽◆?

Original title: New Secretary▼◆, Beijing 4th District○▽, the secretary of the Secretary of the Bureau, the birth of the new district party secretary of the 4 districts of Chaoyang District, Shijingshan District, Shijitou District==▲▽, Shunyi District☆=◆…. Specifically: the secretary of the Changwang District Committee of Chaoyang District, the deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Shi Ji Shan District Party Committee•■-, Tongzhou District•★☆, Chang Zhangli○▽●□, Ren Menggou District Party Secretary, Shunyi District General Gong Peng You District Party Secretary●◆◇■. Previously, Beijing has three district commissioners secretary, and the second district party secretary is even. In January of this year, Wu Guiying, secretary of the Chaoyang District Committee▪◇, Xu Guying, deputy governor, is among the depth of Hunan▷▲•▽; Shi Jingshan District Party Secretary Niu Qingshan is elected Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal CPPCC, Changping District Party Secretary Hou Junshu is elected as the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Director, the two parties and the secretary of the District Party Committee◇…▷=. In March, Shunyi District Party Secreta what gym clothes should i wear.

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