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[step aerobic platform]Original title★◁: Xiongan one year New Xiongans 365 days□•, from these five words□■□…, you can see that the giant change last April 1 last year▲-, Xiongan New Area was established□▪. “Millennium Xiu Lin▲◇◇★” plans more than 11 million plants, ▷★”Xiongan First Standard” – Citizen Service Center is about to deliver, Jingxiong City Railway start construction, “引黄 入 入 补 补 补” project Annual average year to Baiyangnian hydration 1●…••.1 Billion cubic meters, BAT and other dozens of high-end high-tech enterprises have settled in this year▽●, this year, this start area is 100 square kilometers, and the medium-term development zone is 200 square kilometers. The long-term control area is not small in the area of ​​2000 square kilometers•…. Revision•★. Today, with the XJB-Jingshier◇●▪○, see which big things have experienced a year in Xiongan. On March 29, Xiongan Citizen Service Center Constructi.

Original title: The Ministry of Environment…▲▼■: It is restored to the Bohai bone gray▷◆=, guarantees the Haihai Mass Sea Funeral Demand Ecological Environment Department Office of the Office of the Office of China [2018] No○•◆. 537 About the Restoration of the Bohai Chronicles Pouring Related Matters State Ocean Bureau North Sea Branch▪○•: According to the basis The State Council institutional reform plan, the marine tilt management function has been transferred. In order to implement the people-centered development thoughts, ensure the requirements of the people of the Bohai Sea◆▼, and effectively implement the relevant requirements of ◆○•▷”work•◆” during the process of reform○◁, and now the Bohai Yimei is in the Bohai Ashes during the reform transition☆◇▷-, as follows▼△●△: First, from now Restore the Bohai ash, please continue to do a good job in issuance of licenses in accordance with laws and regulations and ▲□▷”put▽◇▽-” reform requirements□…●. The reform of the organization is completed, and the function is adjusted ▽☆▷?

# 2018 two will do ## 中 青报 两 会 # [Yu Minhong▼•: Against 6-year-old child learns 15-year-old “super-training”] The 13th National Committee on the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultation is being convened▽★•□. Before the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, I said that the private training field is a good supplement to the Chinese education system, but the rectification is necessary, he is very opposed to advance education, puzzle education•▪★, ★-▲”6-year-old person learning 15 years old, I dont catch a cold He said that the childs growth process is like a tree, poured a large amount of fertilizer may grow rapidly=☆◁△, but it will develop a morbid state in the later period. “This is the reason why China has a lot of small talents after growing.▽◁○” He believes that China In the future, the future should be difficult to decline in education, pay attention to students special education and comprehensive development▲☆○, and re-consider the examination system in the new tim.hiking pants manufacturer – wholesale bubb gum fitness equipment manufacturer ladies leggings manufacturers,