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[custom weight dumbbell]Xinhua News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Gamanian) Data of the Agricultural Rural Rural Hall of Tibet Autonomous Region●■◁, in 2021▪◇…▽, Tibet will add and transform more than 200●●△▼,000 mu of basic farmland, implementing 20■••,000 mu of cultural quality, construction, construction 750•■-◇,000 mu of high standard farmland▪●★. By 2025, Tibet will build 3 million acres of high standard farmland, and the coverage of green-ranking has reached 95%. Affected by the climate, the proportion of low-yield fields in Tibet, plus traditional farming is relatively placed□▪○◆, and for a long time, the food production is at a low level, and the main product you cant even meet the needs of the local people•▪□-. In recent years, in order to improve food production•◆●◇, Tibet actively implemented cultivated land transformation, through the high standa!

Original title…=: The Air Force 77 soldiers Lanxiang Technical School Trained the Air Force Logistics Department opened a military land joint construction machinery training class○●•, and the Air Force Engineering Force conducted an exploration training of military and civilian integration development▷…, local technical school teachers conducted on-site teaching of Air Force soldiers. The Air Force Logistics Department Military Facility Construction Bureau is an exide of the Air Force soldier “in the cloud▽▼”▼•=, one side is the ▼▼▷”net red•☆” in the online world – Lanxiang Technical School▷△△★, which seems to have no associated-▽, recently▪▷★▼. At the beginning of June, 77 air soldiers graduated from Shandong Lanxiang Technician College (referred to as “Lanxiang Technical School”)••▽◁, some professional soldiers have also achieved national vocational qualification certificates. In the future, after retiring, relying on this certificate, it helps to achieve employment in places. It is reported that the traditional army mechanical operation talent training mainly relies on the •☆▪★”belt” model of the “belt” mode!

Original title: Solving the Director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Justice■◇○, the Party Secretary, Wang Bengun no longer served on March 30th, the Shandong Provincial Department of Justice held the leading cadres meeting, the Deputy Minister of the Provincial Committee-==, Ma Xiaolei, announced the main responsible comrades of the Provincial Department of Justice Adjustment decisions and speeches▪-☆○, Wang Benxun●▷-▽, solving the Savage Jun spoke, and the meeting was hosted by Wang Bengun. At the meeting, Ma Xiaole announced the decision of the provincial party committee=△: solving the Director of the Provincial Department of Justice, Party Secretary, Provincial Prison Authority Party Committee Secretary, the First Political Committee, Wang Bengun no longer serves a director of the Provincial Department of Justice, Party Secretary▼▼★, Provincial Prison Administration Party Committee Secretary, the first political committee position▲=▽☆. Ma Xiaolei demanded that the Provincial Department of Justice should resolutely support the decision of the provincial party committee, the flag is clearly polished, and resolutely maintain the partys central authority and centralized leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core; adhere to the strictness, effectively add brown satin jacket build your own letterman jacket blank clothing vendors!

# 两 会 2018 # [my country issued •▽”3rd National Peoples Congress” Commemorative Stamp] China Post issued a set of one set of memorial stamps of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress of the Peoples Republic of China. The full set of stamps is 1▪○.20 yuan. The design technique of this set of stamps is rigorous and orderly-••, and the picture is wide and the momentum is extraordinary. (Reporter Fan Wei, Zhao Wenjun) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor◁▪-: Chu Xiaoh○…?

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 26 (Reporter Shi Xiaojie) 26th, 2021 China International Data Industry Expo Suddenly held Chinas first DSMM (Data Security Capability Model) Data Security Service Certification Authority Unveiled Ceremony, Data Security Certification (Guizhou ) Co., Ltd▼▪■◇. has become the first major data field certification body and Chinas first DSMM certification body in Guizhou Province◆□▼. DSMM is the national standard of Chinas head data security management. This standard has been implemented from March 1, 2020, which is used to measure the level of data security capabilities of an organization, which can help the industry, enterprises, and organizations discover data security capabilities, and the relevant authorities can also be used for dat.