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[create your own lettermans jacket]Original title: The highest method of retrial =▷•★”Zhang Zhichao case●…◁☆” lawyer said that Shandong High Court Notice and prolonging the 3-month review Supreme Law Directive Shandong High Court ○▪”Zhang Zhichao case” Over 6 months. On August 7, the cover journalist learned from Zhang Zhizhaos Agency Lawyers that Shandong High Court decided to extend the case again for three months. Zhang Zhichao Agent Lawyer◆●▼▲, Li Xun, told reporters that the judges of Shandong High Court notified his extended news, but did not specify the reasons for proven. The reporter learned from Li Xun s lawyers that this is the second time the hospital prolongs the trial period. According to Article 247 of the Criminal Procedure Law, the peoples court shall be reviewed and re-trial of the day, according to the case of trial supervision procedure.

Original title: Hainan notified ◁△◆◇”Zhu Changzhi 7 deaths and 4 injuries traffic accidents”: 27 responsible people and 2 responsible units were dealt with New Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) September 24★□, 2017, Hainan National Road 224 line 110 km There is a medium-sized self-transfer truck collision with large passengers○▷▲◇, causing 7 people to die. Today (March 9), the accident investigation group informed the cause of the accident and the results of the treatment of 27 related responsible persons and 2 accident responsible units△▼★, including 6 judicial organs of the crime of major responsibility accidents, 13 party disciplines, 13 people◇◆■, Qiongzhong County, Tunhang County is responsible for the treatment of super, and 5 counties leaders who are charged with transportation are accountable. Today, the official website of Hainan Province Traffic Police Team was reported that September 24, 2017, Wang Xingjin driving Jiangxi Provincial Yuchen Steam Co., Lt.

Original title■◁□: 2018 National Two Sessions, Guizhou Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Fu Xinping: Big data allows judicial fair to see the new Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang Chen Peng) Today (March 9)◆★•, the National Peoples Congress Representative◇…, Fu Xinping, the procurator of Guizhou Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, said on the channel of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the big data and artificial intelligence deep into the side of peoples lives, and the Guizhou prosecution system develops related systems and application platforms, and doing service beforehand. There is a regulatory in things, and afterwards have evaluated, the judicial fairness can be seen. He said that in addition to confidentiality, all data can be disclosed in the case, and all people can host the case●■•, process, handling results, and case cases, so that the judicial faction can be seen and touche▽○…!

(Anti-neozopenemonic) Hong Kong existing social hopic measures continue to extend 14 days in China◇▽, Hong Kong▲◁…△, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR Government announced that the current social distance measures will be extended for 14 days until June 9. Hong Kong SAR Government on □□”Preventing and Controlling Diseases (Provisions and Indications) Regulations (Chapter 599F),●…•◇” Preventing and Controlling Diseases (Prohibited Group Gathering) Regulations (Cap 599G) and ▲=▲”Prevention And Controlling the Disease (Wearing Mask) Regulation (Cap 599i) indicating and indicating to maintain the current social distance measures. These instructions and indicate that it takes effect from the occasion of May 27th■◁▼▪, which is 14 day•■◆. championship jackets customized embroidery for clothing lines – all red varsity jacket custom legging manufacturer china windbreaker suit wholesale,