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[fitness apparel wholesale distributors]Original title: Why is these 377 poverty alleviation cadres to be promoted (the peoples eyes, the precision of the poverty) – the Survey “Peoples Daily” from Zhaojue, Sichuan, Sichuan Province (April 27•△□★, 2018) March On the 15th★•, the Zhuzu Village, Zhu Zuju, the new home, has not been dismantled•■☆■, and the old house has not been dismantled, and this is the past. The reporter Kong Xiangwus self-contained self-contained recently, an ordinary staff member of the Zhaojue County Committee=•, entered the township leadership team□●. Not long ago■▷, the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, which took off the poverty of “poor in the poor◇▪, and in the middle of the poor•=▼”, took out 101 township leadership team members, and selection of the first secretary of the village, wearing a selfless pass▷●■◁. Liangshan, the countrys largest Yi people. .

Henan Pingdingshan: Implementing Ecological Repair and also a green water Qingshan Xinhuanet Zhengzhou May 27th (Wang Haixia Yongmeng Rui) “Egret Qingsiao…★-, Honglian Bishui Lake.◁▼” In late May, Pingdingshan Bailuzhou National City Wetland Park The lotus blossoms open, the lake in the sun sparks. However, before 2005★▼■, here is the collapse of coal, sewage flow, garbage everywhere. Today, under the local governments ecological governance, here turns into Feng Shui Bao, lake clear show, birds and flowers△●☆. It is understood that the Bailu National City Wetland Park was built in 2005, located in the joint department of the new old city in Pingdingshan City◇■☆, covering an area of ​​more than 1300 acres, with 350 acres of water•▼, w!

Xinhua News Agency■▷, May 27th: How to become Beijing main water source Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Shiping, Tian Chen Xu◆▪◇◇, Wang Ya passed nearly 1200 kilometers long journey○-■◆, from the south water departing from Danjiangkou Reservoir•☆-, came to Nanshui North Transfer Middle Line to enter Beijing entrance – – Huinanzhuang pumping station. This pumping station in the east of Huinanzhuang Village, Fangshan District, Beijing is the only large pressurized pumping station in the South Water Northern Middle Row. At 10 oclock on May 26, Xinhua News Agency Nanshui Northern Motor Media Research Corps reporter came to the pressurized pump room, and 6 red lights in 8 giant pumps, showing running. As a “heart●▼=◁” water supply to the capital Beijing, the number of South water enters Beijing reached about 4 million cubic meters. sou▲▪▪●. fancy jean jacketsfitness ball sizes – manufacturer for cloth legging company wholesale varsity jacket,