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[buy t-shirts]Original title: What is the results of “a belt all the way▪▼▼” ruleration cooperation international forum? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 3, 2018…▷△, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Hou hosted a routine reporter meeting, and there were reporters asked, July 2nd to 3, “a belt all the way” rulezer cooperation international forum in Beijing Hold. Can you tell us about the situation and the main results•◇☆▪? Lu Ming responded that the ▷-“One Belt▼△★” Rule of Law-•, which was jointly organized by the China Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Law Society▪☆, I just closed this morning, I published a common chairman statement•-▽, proposing the rule of law on the basis of contending◇=, building, and sharing principles★★▷◇. Cooperation, comply with and improve the relevant international rules system, actively prevent and properly solve disputes, deepen the “all the way” rule of law exchange and cooperation…◆●◇, and provide more solid legal support for ○•”all the wa△□.

Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 26 (Cai Minyi Ye Jinxin) The Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department issued a news report that on June 1st will start the marriage registration ◁-“cross-provincial universal” pilot work, in Guangdong◇▷, both parties are non-local The marriage registration of the household registration can apply for a residence certificate and the two parties▷▲, ID cards, and apply for marriage registration in the residence permit=◆▲, or choose to handle marriage registration in one partys constant households, and solve long-term go out•◇△•, study△•●☆, The people living in life have returned the inconvenience of marriage registration. According to the relevant notice=■●, Liaoning Province▽▼▲, Shandong Province, Guangdong Province, Chongqing, Sichuan Province☆▲◁★, implemented the mainland residents marriage registration and divor?

Original title: Mahartil releases positive signals to China…☆▼◇: support and participate in “a belt all the way○•■” construction reference news network August 3 reported Japan “Nursing News◇★” August 2 issue, Malaysian Prime Minister highly evaluation “One Belt” initiative. The article said that Chinese State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahartil in Kuala Lumpur▪●, Malaysia on the 1st. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mahartier emphasizes that “all the way” initiative is a major opportunity for regional countries to achieve joint development prosperity, and the Maji will actively support and participate in the construction of “all the way”. Wang Yi said that Mr▽●. Prime Minister is a good friend of the Chinese people★○, old friends◇▷, China is willing to work together with the horse, open up a new bright future of Zhongma relations. According to Malaysian National News Agency○△…◆, talks continue to be.

Original title▪▷□: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs attending the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia 2018, Chairman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held a Chinese and foreign media blowing. Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 3 (Reporter Tan Jingjing, Pan Jie) Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3 Blowout. State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi introduced Xi Jinping, Chairman of Xi Jinping attends the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum 2018 and held relevant activities, and answered reporters■○◆. Wang Yi said that Boao Forum will open in Hainan, China President Xi Jinping will be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the forum annual meeting and publish an important chair, meeting with foreign state heads▷▽, government heads▪=☆▽, and international organizations△▼▲▲. The collective meets the book of the forum and talks with the Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. At that time, Austrian President Van Deb?

Source…▽●▷: Air Force releases [China Air Force multi-style fighter continuous -▽○”Wrought island cruise” inspection combat capabilities] China Air Force spokesperson Shen Jin University issued news on April 19th, Air Force recently organized multiple bombers and reconnaissance machinery systems Island cruise…★▲△, hammering enhances the ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The air force launched in the sea direction of the military training★▪-, dispatched a multi-fashion machine such as -6K•●, Su-30△●, 歼 -11 and reconnaissance machine, early warning machine. Bombing – 6K and other fighters have implemented the “Wire Island Cruise…▲◆=” training topic▪◆…=, enhanced motorization, and inspected active ability. Boom-6k fighter is Chinas autonomous development of China-Leveling bombers△•◁, which takes the important mission of delivery of national power and will. The Air Force has trained in the Yuanhai Ocean Training and Wire Island Cruise in recent year.