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[sportswear maker]Original title: View Dealing with trade disputes, experts are Chinese tricks: Dont put eggs in a basket Hong Kong ○•★☆”Nanhua Morning Post” website issued an article▽•, a pre-government senior official and some industrial analysts China and the US Tortune trade dispute provide an ideal opportunity for China to promote free trade agreements with other countries. ▲ Hong Kong ★☆△▽”Nanhua Morning Post▪▷▼…” report□■, Wei Jianguo□△=, former deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, said: “China should accelerate (free trade agreement) negotiations to fight against the US pressure◇▼.” He said: “Now it is also a comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) ) The opportunity to hold more talks is to consolidate the influence of China in this multilateral trade arrangement. “Wei Jianguo said that the dispute with the United States shows that China needs the sa.

Recently◇…▲★, the teachers of Henan 12355 Youth Service Center Health Guardings have once again come to Xinmi City Mi Village Hope Primary School to carry out “guardian health benefits” Henan Province 12355 Youth Health Guardian Bank Theme Event☆▼◆-. The event is primarily for school children to conduct a one-to-one mental health professional guidance and class public welfare class. At the scene●○, teachers encourage and help children in the face of various problems and difficulties encountered in life and learning…=, believe in their own advantages and potential●•, and discover their own advantages and potential to challenge their own advantages and skills through different props and programs▽■▪. Be a teenager with a dream with a mission▽▷▪◆. It is understood that 12355 Youth Health Guardi.

Xinhua News Agency★▪○, May 28 (Reporter Gao Nan) reporter learned from the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department, the department has been developed to introduce the “12-year-old service measures for public security organs” in the province, and the content involves household administration, traffic control, entry and exit, •◇▼◇” Internet + Public Security Government Services “The people of” rush to expect “☆▽▷○, doing practical things, doing things, and solve problems in the masses. Director of the Party Committee and Political Department of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department introduced that 12 measures mainly include: ID card “one day office□…”, ID card replacement network▲▷☆, household registration business “province”, implement residence permit electronic license △◇, Small motor vehicle number, etc.-…, the drivers license has been applied online, the motor vehicle temporary license is applie.

China New Network, May 27 (Guo Chaokai) China State Council, Minister of Public Security▪■, Minister of Public Security, and Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Wulin 27th, representing the two governments, respectively, the Second Government signed the Second Division Drivers license□…◇■. According to the driving license signed by the two sides, China and Serbia have recognized the effective drivers license issued by the other party••◇…, and one of the people who hold the other countrys drivers license directly drive or exempt from the driving license. For temporary access to the other party▪△, the two parties have confirmed the mutual recognition. It is temporarily entering the Republic of Serbia◆○, you can drive directly with the Chinese drivers license and translation, there is no need to replace Serbia drivin.