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[cashmere overcoat]China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Chen Hang) In 2020, Beijing Chamber of the City•★□▲, the office▽▼▪▲, the public and the companys appeal is 110.394 million•▪▪-. The publication of the public service work agencies, indicating the time limit on the demand menu, and the unit of the form should be immediately accepted☆▷◁-. On the 27th●-◆, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th National Peoples Congress of Beijing conducted the first review of the “Beijing City Speaker Instant Regulations (Draft)”. Li Futing, who was compatible for more than 10 million pieces of the Beijing Municipal Justice Bureau last year, said that in 2019□★◁, Beijing has established a regular mechanism. At present, there are currently 52 hotlines to integrate to 12345 citizen service hotline◇=▽●. 2=△□▷.

Original title: Cultural and Tourism Minister 雒 雒=▼: Develop a “three-way☆☆▲” program▲◁◇, establish a working mechanism on March 20, Culture and Tourism Department Cadre Conference held in Beijing. Deputy Director of the Deputy Minister of the Central Organization=○▲, Deputy Director of the Standing Department of the Central Propaganda Department=△●○, Wang Xiaohui, Secretary of the Central Policy Research Office, Party Secretary●=△, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Secretary of the Party Group, deputy director Li Jin early attended the meeting and speaking▼▽▲. Li Qun★▷, Xiang Zhaolun, a member of the Culture and Tourism Leaders○★★, Single Xiang, Liu Yuzhu, Chi Yun▷▷▼□, Zhang Xu, Dujiang, Li Shihong★▲, Wang Xiaofeng●▷■▲, Yu Qun, Wei Hongtao attended the meeting. Zhou Zuyi announced the decision on the appointment of the leadership team of the Culture and Tourism Department and made an important speech on the implementation of good central decision-making deployment▷•. Wang Xiaohui made a clear requirement for further strengthening the construction of cultural and touris.

Original title=◇▼○: Sichuan 邛崃 Police informed: a male body found that a male body was found. He was further investigating 9 oclock on March 27, 2018▲=-, and our bureau found a corpse in the next demolition site in Wenjun Street Office West Street. After receiving the police, the police quickly rushed to the scene to carry out work. After preliminary examination of forensics☆=▼, the body is confirmed by male□○☆, and the public security organs are carrying out further investigation work. Source: WeChat public account “邛崃 公□▷★” “Editor◆•: Zhang Yili.

Original title: Dalian City implements housing purchase restriction policy Xinhua News Agency Dalian March 22 (Reporter Bai Yongquan) Dalian Municipal Peoples Government released the “Notice on Promoting the Sustaining Health Development of the Real Estate Market”•▽▪▽, in order to meet the first set of just needed, support housing improvement◆▽, inhibiting investment Speculative behavior, promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, and implements housing purchase restrictions on the 22nd◁▷…. According to the notice○•, Dalian City Household Registration Households has 2 sets of housing in Zhongshan, Xigang District=□■=, Shahekou District…=, Ganjingzi District and High-tech Park (“Central City”), suspension to sell Zhongshan District◁◆△, Xigang District, The housing of Shahekou District and High-tech Zone (“Restricted Region”)★△. It is understood that non-Dalian household registration residents have 1 sets of housing in the central city, suspend housing to sell restrictions▪◁. Non-Dalian Ci.