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[china vendors for clothing][Opening of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the reporter queued into the venue] The 13th National Peoples Congress opened on the 5th at 9:00 am in the Great Hall of the People, listened to the State Council of Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the governments report, and reviewing the State Council on 2017 National Economy And the report of the social development plan and the report of the 2018 National Economic and Social Development Plan, review the State Council on the 2017 Central and local budget implementations and the 2018 Central and local budget draft reports, and listen to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee on Constitutional Amendment Description of the draft. The picture shows that the reporter queued into the venue. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor□○: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title▪◆: British media said that Chinas pollution is struggling to say goodbye to “a knife cut”…▷: the development policy will be more refined to refer to Message Network reported in British Media◇◆◇=, China Plan ends in the “one knife cut” practice in control pollution, the Ecological Environment Department May On the 28th, the department is developing a more fine policy to adapt to local needs and minimizing economic damage. According to Reuters on May 28, the practice of local specific situations will be considered a bureaucratic style◆○, and if there is a serious issue=☆, officials will be responsible▼-•★, and the Ecological Environment is said in a guiding opinion. According to the report-◁, in order to achieve the air governance objectives, China implemented comprehensive traffic, coal use and industrial activities in the northern region of smog last year. New comments●◁, for legal procedures and meet environmental protection requiremen★•=.

Original title: [Island reading] Where is the risks and growth points of Chinas economic future▷-? This speech said that [客 岛 岛 按] “Chinas open door will not be closed, the more you will be, the bigger!▲▪” A few days ago, I learned a speech, and there was a voice. Undoubtedly, the initiative to promote the newly open new pattern is derived from the deep understanding and judgment of the current situation of Chinas economic situation◆◆, which contain both existing risks and future opportunities. So, what happens in the Chinese economy■☆◁▽, what growth points? Today, the Heros Island wants to recommend a famous economist, and Professor Wei Jie△▼•, director of the China Economic Research Center of Tsinghua University. The article was first in the blogger classmaker (BOSUM0115), the original title is “Professor Wei Jie: 19th National, China New Econom polyester spandex capri leggings puffer jacket supplier – furry flannel garment factory, wholesaleapparel!