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Original title: Shanghais first unmanned trail line 31 trial operation According to Xinhua News Agency◇□■, Shanghai Shentong Subway Group announced on the 27th, Shanghais first unmanned APM (passenger automatic transportation system) Pujiang Line will open on March 31 Trial operation◇-▼. The APM Pujiang line is about 6-◁•▲.7 kilometers long•=. There are 6 stations in the whole line. They are high-standing stations■◁•-, mainly serving the residents of Shanghai Pujiang Town, alleviating the problem of “the last km”…●=. Pujiang line is more flexible in the line, the station is short, the radius of the line is small▲▲▷□; in the rail transit selection, medium transportation, rubber wheel steering rail=●, which can be described as □◁”small body” more spiritual▽=☆. As a Shanghais first clamp track automatic unmanned APM line, Pujiang Line is established by Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co▽★▪□., Ltd. and the companys Joint Vetet Grou.

Original title○□•: Enter a record tight workout shirts! Liaoning ship Nanhai drill staged 10 歼 15 with box [Global Military April 19th, the Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan] The Navy Ship, including the Liaoning Ship Aircraft Carrier□••◁, after participating in the sea major parade, the outside world guess this battle is amazing. Is the sea formation in the Taiwan Strait on the Taiwan Strait on the 18th▽•○. However, according to the “Contemporary Navy” on the 17th, the Chinese Navy is reported on the 17th, in the past few days◆▪◆▷, the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier formation continues to launch reconnaissance warning systems in the South China Sea, electronic confrontation○☆, anti-air combat, anti-seafood=◆, landing and anti-submarine Subject training and other subjects. In the aircraft carrier flying deck screen released in the report, ten 歼 -15 carrier machines with the frame◆•▪○, from the side, indicating that the combat effect of the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group is increasin.

China New Network Changzhi May 28th: ​​The 60-year-old man Kaikang Library Near 10,000 books witnessed the author Wu Qiong Li Huahua ●•”Collect the literature of the Southern Southern Region, which can also reserve the historical memory of the place▽-▷, and can also use the texts of the text. Promote cultural exchanges and inherit the local culture. “28th★◆▼, the 61-year-old Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan, Li Haiquan, showed the local documentary information collected in 10 years•▷■=. Literary works, local history▲…, drama script, academic discipline .…○◆.. Shanxi Province Changzhi City, Zhangzhou District, there is a collection of Tibetan libraries that specialize in the southeast region of Jinnan, a wide range of books, attracting readers to watch. When I started Li Haiquan, I love to read the book, and the book is his childhoo.

Xinhua News Agency◁◆, Beijing May 27 (Reporter, Si Cong) On the 27th☆■◆, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National Peoples Congress of Beijing listened to the Beijing Municipal Government on ▷=◇”Beijing Accessible Environment Construction Ordinance (Draft)” According to the Bill, any unit▼-, individuals must not be damaged, invading or unauthorized stop using roads, public buildings, residential buildings☆△=■, and unobstructed facilities in the residential area, and violations will be fined 30••-,000 yuan▪□. It is proposed in the Bill that should avoid occupying accessible facilities; if you need to occupy, you should set the guardrail, warning sign, or voice prompt, and take the necessary alternative measures○=◁. The expiration of the temporary occupation period, the occupancy un!manufacturing t shirtsroyal blue suit for women.com/category/kids-athletic-wear/ target=_blank>kids athletic wear yellow quilted jacket.com/category/wholesale-clothes-atlanta/ target=_blank>wholesale clothes atlanta