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[private label apparel companies]Original title: (two sessions are subject to the right to release) Guoba WANG Yang Han Zheng Participate in some delegations of the National Peoples Conference to review the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing-○●, China, China, China Communist Party of China▲…, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice Premier Wang Yang•…•, Han Zheng■▷◁◇, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China▷…, participated in some delegations of the 13th National Peoples Congress on the 13th National Peoples Congress. The Sui Battle has participated in the Hubei delegation considered. After listening to Jiang Chao Liang◆…○△, Wang Xiaodong, Wang Younong, said that the Strong Book said that the socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era, we must carry out great struggles, build a great project▽•◆, promote the great cause●☆▲, achieve great dreams, must adhere to Comrade Xi Jinping For the strong leadership of the core Party Central Committee, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinpings socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics. modi.

Original title: Embrace new era new ideas to achieve new as (under the guidance of Xi Jinpings new era-▽◁▪, socialist thinking – new era new meteorological new time interview) Currently, learning and publicizing the spirit of the 19th National Spirit of the Party The whole party has further settled, and the Chongqing is how to deploy this important task in accordance with the central government, and the reporter has recently interviewed Chen Min, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee. Reporter: The partys 19th National Congress has made a new deployment from the strict governance of the party. At this year☆☆•, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the Chongqing Delegation attended the Chongqing delegation▲◁■-, he emphasized the implementation of a good political ecological problem. How would Chongqing will implement it◇…☆? Chen Min■•: The 19th National Congress of the Party put forward the general requirements of the new era of the party•●○, in order to promote the comprehensive development of the strict treatment of the parties to the depth of the country. March 10th, habi.

Original title-▼: China and Mongolia officially launched the self-trade agreement to research△…••, jointly promoting free trade on August 23, State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Mongolia Foreign Minister Chargte Battel met with reporters in Ulaanbaato In the case of the joint feasibility study of China Mongolia to launch free trade agreements. Wang Yi said that both China Mongolia unanimously agreed to launch a joint research in September. The two sides are committed to promoting free trade using practical actions, opposing protectionism, and jointly maintaining multilateral trading systems based on world trade organizations as the core. (Xinhua News Agency, Wulaba◁▽▪□, August 23) Editor▪▼…: Huo =▪◆▪?

Original title: The National Health Committee held the first press conference: Site Beijing Hospital focusing the population aging Xinyang News (Reporter Xu Wen) The newly formed national health and health committee held the first news release in Beijing Hospital on March 26 meeting. The reporter was learned at the meeting that the National Alternative Medical Research Center is under construction★○, and it will specialize in studying aging and anti-aging and prevention and control of senile diseases after completion•▲□. In the new round of the institutional reform, the National Health and Sports Committee, the National Aged Office◇◆▽, the State Council of Medical Reform Office, and the establishment of the national health and health committee. Its main responsibilities include the development of national health policies○△△, coordinate the promotion of the reform of the medical and health system☆★, organize the national basic drug system▷△, supervise and manage public health, medical services■▲, health emergency▷◆=…, responsible for family planning management a.