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Xinhua News Agency■○, May 27th (Reporter Li Ning) reporter learned from the seventh press conference of Qinghai Mado □▷○▪”5 · 22☆▼…-” earthquake in May 27, as of 8:00 am◇▽▽, on May 27th, shock There were 1 new residents in the district□▽, and 19 injured people were currently treated. At present, the Emergency Management Department will have allocated central disaster relief materials to support the earthquake relief work in Qinghai Province◇-▼, disaster relief protection materials in the disaster area□●=, and the order of daily living materials, and the social life order is stable■★. 110 guidelines for the Qinghai Provincial Fire Rescue Corps conducted a resident duty, fire inspections, inspections, etc. [Edit: Zhu Yanjin=◁=.

Original title▷○=: CPPCC, Huo Weiping○△•: It is recommended to implement ◆★▼”Nanshui North Running West Line Project” to implement the southern water and north-rising West Line project not only improve the ecological environment of Gansu●▷, Xinjiang••▽■, Inner Mongolia, etc. Poverty poverty management, and can improve the infrastructure conditions such as traffic, energy, communications along the line, and promote the construction of and all the way=▷●▪. “Huo Weiping Committee recommended to implement” Nanshi North Running West Line Engineering “as soon as possible. Member of Huo Wei Ping said that the east and mid-water transfer projects in my country, ▪●”South Water North Tour” planned, and it has been completed and put into operation◆=▽▪, which greatly promotes the rapid development of economic and social in Beijing, Tianjin and the water. The ecological location in the northwest is important…▪■. If the Tongtian River is transferred into the Yellow River, then part of the introduction of the Hexi corridor can be reduc.

[Yang Wei Committee: My National Academic Output of the World First] Academician Yang Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: In the new era of innovation, only technological strengths can be strong…△◆, only the basic ability can be technically strong, must be stable, long-term care basic research development of. The current academic output of our country has ranked first in the world. The academic influence is second, and academic output quality has also reached the world average, and it can be gradually starting to appear•=-◇, and it is good to develop from quantity to quality. trend. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh wholesale leggings in bulk□△-◁.

Original title: “Paper Tiger” has never been scared in China (Wanghai Building) ◇▷☆•”Peoples Daily Overseas Edition★▼◇” (01, 2018) Local Time April 5★•, US President Remember the Office of Trade Representative to “301 investigation” Consider the collection of additional tariffs for Chinas $ 100 billion export commodities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce responded quickly, reiterated that China didnt want to fight in China and the United States, but not afraid of hitting trade war. At the same time, China maintains tough posture, emphasizing if the US does not care about China and the international community☆▽◆, insist on engaging unilateralism and trade protectionism actions, China will give up with the bottom, must be resolutely respond, must adopt new comprehensive response measures, do not hesitate to pay any price Resolutely defend national and peoples interests…▲. Chinas statement is based on US poli.wholesale womens swimsuits