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[hot pink leggings workout]Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 27th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Satellite TV Large Original Age Memory Music Culture Program “Flowing Singon◇◆” third season is scheduled from 21★○:10 every Friday from June 11. Tibetan female singer Alan Dava Zhuoa recently participated in the program record clearance accepted the reporters interview▽◆. Amateurous Alan, a sweetness■■…, and the reputation of “Beautiful Song Ji” in the fans▷▪◇. Alan has a perfect voice that is kissed by angel, and the broad range is natural△■, “MY Life”, ○▲◇▼”My Life”◇-■, “My Moonlight”, is a stunning☆◆▼★. Alan singing skills returned from Japans ◆△□◇”cultivation” returns, can easily control the majestic national songs▲◇, but also play ea○●!

Technology New Elements on the day◇★▪◇, Yang Qingwu▷☆○□, Yongjiang, reporter Wang Lingshu, at 7:18 on May 15th, Tian asked the land inspector successfully landed in the southern part of Mars Utopia Plains, my countrys first Mars detection The mission is a complete success. Behind the success of the day, the support of “new elements-•□” in technology. Phase Sensitive: Space “Thousand Miles” Advantages Multi Our Mars Detection is designed to achieve surrounds▽△, landing and inspections of Mars through a launch. As an important instrument for position and speed measurement, the phase-controlled array sensor is in the landing stage-◇-○, providing high-precision measurement data for spacecraft, successfully helping land inspector safe.

Zhongxin Net Yichang May 27th (Dong Xiaobin Xu Junfu) Huijiang City Public Security Bureau notified, in the •=◇◁”Thunderstanding 2021″ special action, successfully knocked off a network money laundering crime gang◁▲▽■, arrested 35 suspects, and seized on the spot More than 200 bank cards, more than 170 million yuan. At the beginning of March this year, the Zhijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau asked An police station frozen a case in the case of telecommunications network fraud cases. After in-depth analysis of the account▪◆•■, the police found that the account and associated multiple accounts have huge funds, and these accounts involve multiple telecommunications network fraud cases▷▽△. Zhijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly formed the joint proposal group to carry out investigation●■, aft.

Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28 (Reporter Zhao Lang) Civil Aviation Tibetan Work Conference held in Lhasa on the 28th. Feng Zhenglin, Party Secretary and Director of China Civil Aviation Bureau△•◁, introduced that Tibets civil aviation continued to develop•▼◆▷, so that the civil aviation industrys “affordable line■★”◆▲◁○, the air “Life”, and the national “complex line” and the “progress line” are more prominent. On Tibet route, civil aviation has been invested in the most advanced models of high plateau flights, implementing double-machinery flying, constructing a complete set of systemized plateau flight regulations from airport construction, operation management▽◁▪, aircraft performance and equipment configuration▼◆▽△. standard. As of now, Tibet Civil Aviation achieves safe flight for 56 years. Feng Zhenglin said, through aviati wholesale winter ski jacket china high waist sport leggings – clotng manufacturers florida fitness steps construction shirt design,!

Original title: This years Spring Festival is more than 900 billion abroad▷▼: the epitome of consumption development 11☆▷□▷:00 am-=•-, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a Meeting News Center held a press conference in the Multi-Film□○▪●, Metacity, invited Minister of Minister of Commerce. The deputy director and the deputy representative of the International Trade Negotiation, and the deputy director Queke will answer questions about China and foreign journalists in •◆□”promoting high-quality development of business career”. China News Service Reporter: This years domestic consumption exceeds 900 billion yuan, what are the initiatives in the next step in expanding domestic consumption? Zhongshan said that the Spring Festival market is a microcosm of our consumption development▪▽▪. Our country has become a big consumer country▪★○▽. Our consumption has ranked second in the world, and consumption has also become my countrys economy for four consecutive year.